Sustainability Technology Products

  • Carbon Management Software
  • Energy Management Software
  • WhatsApp Enterprise API
  • Number Query Services (TC & amp; GSM)
  • Remote Customer Acquisition (RKYC)
  • Biometric Signature
  • Sequential Digital Signature
  • Business Process Creation (BPM)
  • Mobile Business Management
  • Digital Archive (Visual & amp; Documents)
  • Cyber ​​Security Products

Carbon Management Software

It is a software that enables organizations to manage carbon effectively, easily and quickly. Systematic collection of data on the issues that make up the carbon footprint by remote reading or manual entry; automatic calculation of carbon footprint according to many international standards; It enables the effective management of emission reduction targets and projections.

It eliminates time loss and error possibilities for data collection and calculation with Excel files. It can be used from small organizations to very common organizations.

Energy Management Software

It is a superior software consisting of many modules such as energy management, facility management, project management that enables organizations to perform energy management effectively, easily and quickly.

It is a software that provides systematic management of how energy efficiency and carbon efficiency will be affected from construction / renovation works to be done in facilities or properties, how efficiently energy is used simultaneously. It enables efficient management of energy and emission reduction targets and making projections.

WhatsApp Business API

Provides the opportunity to use WhatsApp as a corporate channel management, sales, marketing and commerce application.

  • Ability to talk to the customer via WhatsApp with the bot or Chat feature,
  • Providing uninterrupted inquiries, information retrieval through the most widely used messaging platform,
  • WhatsApp search experience with visual or text,
  • Reaching products and creating a basket,
  • Fast membership creation with ‘WhatsApp subscription’ feature,
  • To create a potential customer ( lead generation ) with WhatsApp contact icon in Facebook and Instagram ads, fast communication without paying additional form fee ,
  • C-commerce experience by paying without leaving the application,

Number Query Services

  • Inquiry of GSM Number from the Turkish ID Number: It is the service that enables people with Turkish ID number to access the GSM numbers of all operators. It serves purposes such as information, promotion and communication. There is no separate fee for each operator, moreover, the service fee for all operators is lower than the cost of making inquiries from a single operator’s own system .
  • TCKN Query from GSM number: It is the service that enables queries from all operator systems for the Turkish ID number in cases where there is a GSM number in the organization data but the person belonging to the GSM number in question does not have a Turkish ID number. . There is no separate fee for each operator, moreover, the service fee for all operators is lower than the cost of making inquiries from a single operator’s own system .
  • TCKN and GSM Number Matching: This is the service that confirms the accuracy of matching the GSM number with the Turkish ID number registered in the organization data through all operator data. There is no separate fee for each operator, moreover, the service fee for all operators is lower than the cost of making inquiries from a single operator’s own system .

Remote Customer Acquisition & amp; Signature Products

Remote Know Your Customer: T.C. It is a digital verification solution that reads personal information in ID cards and passports in accordance with international standards, provides identity verification, and also allows face verification with a vitality test to facilitate the remote customer acquisition process.

Digital Signature Platform: All known digital signature products ( Mobile Signature , signature , Biometric Signature, 2D Signature ) is a web-based signature platform that contains .

Biometric Signature: It is the digital version of the wet signature. It ensures that all documents are digitally signed biometrically through the biometric signature license installed in the tablet. For the accuracy of the signature, biometric data (pressure, velocity, acceleration, sequence, x, y image), time stamp and location information of the signature are encrypted in pdf.

Business Process Management (BPM) Products

Digital Transformation Platform: Business Process Management (Business Process Management- BPM ) solution. Business processes are quickly and easily digitized with methods such as drag and drop . Processes are designed and created specifically for the company.

BPM Mobile: It is a program where business processes can be executed via a ready-made mobile application . Expense , permission request entry is a mobile application where processes such as viewing who is who, payroll within the company, training and questionnaire can be arranged .

Digital Archive

Digital Archive: Local cloud provides scanning and storing of digital or physical documents in the archive system. In addition to features such as authorization , embezzlement in the software; It has Turkish OCR capability and allows you to search with every letter / word in the documents . Also media independent maximum 3 seconds within access to the file guarantee

Cyber ​​Security Products

Cyber ​​Security Program: Unlike conventional anti-virus solutions, Machine Learning , Behavioral Analysis , Kernel -Level Protection is a security solution that provides multi-layered proactive protection like Anti-Exploiting.