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ESG Turkey Consultancy

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For a sustainable business model…

Our Motto Live in the Moment, Protect the Future!

In our opinion, the essence of life is to be able to stay in the moment while living, but also to protect the future while living the present and the present. Our motto also comes from here …

Our Vision

To contribute to a business world where welfare is high, employees are satisfied, customers are satisfied, the economy is sustainable and the balance of nature is preserved.

Our Mission

It is the most effective management, consultancy, planning, reporting, training and research services in line with Sustainable Development in order to develop the business world by creating value with all its stakeholders.

Our Values

  • Open and Sincere Communication
  • Creative and Original Solutions
  • Transparency
  • Correct Needs Analysis
  • To Show Ideal Care and Effort
  • Objective Feedback
  • Accountability
  • Right Timing
  • Social Benefit in Services
  • Sustainable Solution Partnership

About Our Founder

Dr. Cenk TÜRKER has established ESG Turkey Consultancy to provide quality service as a consultant in the fields of sustainability and management, after 17 years of experience in different positions in many actors of the business world. Besides his academic career; He has served in close contact with non-governmental organizations in supranational organizations such as the United Nations and the European Union, in the public and private sectors. Basically; He focuses on Strategic Management, Project Management and Sustainability. He lectures on Strategic Management, Marketing Management and Sustainability at MBA level at universities. His doctorate degree is in the field of General Business and his thesis is on the Securities Markets. He worked on Quality Management in his master thesis. Before founding ESG Turkey Consultancy, he worked as Akbank Investor Relations and Sustainability Manager. Read More…