About us


ESG Turkey Consulting

for sustainable business model. . .

Our motto 

Live the moment, preserve the future!

Life is the essence of life while living, with which the moment is to preserve the future as we live today. Our motto comes from here…


Prosperity is high, satisfying employees, satisfied with customers, contributing to a business world where the economy is sustainable and the balance of nature is maintained.


The most effective management, consultancy, planning, reporting, training and research services in line with sustainable development in order to improve the business world by creating value with all its stakeholders.

Our values

  • Open and internal communication
  • Creative and original Solutions
  • Transparency
  • Accurate analysis of needs
  • The ideal diligence and effort to demonstrate
  • Lens Feedback
  • Accountability
  • Correct timing
  • Social benefits in Services
  • Sustainable Solution Partnership